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As an Amsterdam based Dutch male voiceover, Jeroen supplies audio from his own high end recording studio to clients around the globe. But ofcourse he can often be found in studios elsewhere in Amsterdam, Belgium or Germany. 

Jeroen has built his reputation as a leading Dutch voice talent on more than 20 years of voice over experience in TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, audio guides, audio books and e-learning. 

Besides Dutch, Jeroen also does English voiceovers. His accent is British, but he’ll gladly add a touch of Dutch if required.

Jeroen's voice is described best as warm, authoritative and yet natural and playful. He can interpret a twenty seconds commercial in a hundred different ways, and manages to keep a sixty hours audio book interesting until the very last page.

Owing to his vast experience, he immediately percieves what the script at hand is aiming to get accross; in addition Jeroen is more than willing to share his thoughts if you need an extra pair of editorial eyes

If necessary Jeroen can also arrange for top quality translation of your script from German or English into Dutch.

Finally, Jeroen supplies impeccable audio in any desired format within twenty-four hours upon submission of the script. Tone of voice briefing over the phone is his standard procedure, but of course live direction via Skype, Source Connect Now or any other medium is also possible.

Jeroen can be contacted directly, for queries, quick booking and efficient briefing.

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